Well, here we are : the start of a new venture, or rather, venturing into the Publishing sector with a family tradition of hitherto hand-made cards. Quite a departure from the Fine Art world, however, one which I hope will allow Lovelyday gallery to reach out to a wider audience with its brand message of wishing well – with a ray of Cornish sunshine. Some references to my fine art and stained glass work remain in the Porthcurno and Happy days ranges – but the designs are more accessible and also more reasonably priced. Artist prints can also be made of these if requested.

Firstly a big shout out to Tim Hendy who built the Lovelyday.gallery website which forms the first step and the online catalogue and shop. Tim Hendy has a background with building local Cornish brand websites and brochures. See www.thstudio.co.uk Being Cornish he also has his heart in understanding the spirit of the place. This informed his ability to understand my brand and the design and colour choices he used to support it. His sense of humour and Innate reading of the rhythms of accents and phrases embedded in the approach and writing for Lovelyday was invaluable. It was a real pleasure being able to have that ‘click’ as well as his skills and experience on board . Tim is such a lovely person to work with and he went to great lengths to be innovative and accommodating. Tim is an endlessly amenable and methodical craftsman and his focus all along was simply to get the job done to his best and to my satisfaction. Thank you Tim…”Proper Job”

Anna Loveday Sept. 2016.